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We are Elisa & Julie, passionate about Interior Design, perpetually inspired by various references, we mix genres and assemble the improbable in our projects  with a constantly renewed requirement for quality that speak volumes for Elisa & Julie’s unmistakable style; un eclectimse joyeux. Elisa & Julie's work is the epitome of elegance, joy, and mastered fantasy

THE REDESIGN OF A Classical Interior

The redesign of a classical and elegant interior is an art that requires a deep understanding of history, architecture, and the nuances of modern design. In this transformation, Elisa and Julie succeeded in preserving the timeless charm of the space while introducing modern elements that breathed new life into the room. The result was an interior that captured the best of both worlds, creating a space where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist. The redesign of this classical interior is a testament to the enduring appeal of timeless elegance in the world of design.


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The redesign of a bachelor's interior into a refined and elegant space is a testament to the limitless possibilities of design. By embracing the homeowner's vision of masculine sophistication and infusing the space with clean lines, luxurious textures, and artful decor, the result was a living environment that exuded personality, charm, and sophistication. The fusion of elegance and masculinity created a stylish retreat where the modern bachelor can truly feel at home, surrounded by a space that reflects his unique identity and refined taste.


03 clients

"Elisa and Julie were the perfect team to take on the renovation of my house."

Simone Woods

"La Maison Maître lived up to my expectations. They sell a high-end image and attentive clientele service, and that's what you get."

Nicole Yang

"Elisa and Julie are certainly masters in their field."

Calvin Smith

"What surprised me the most, is that I actually enjoyed going through it all. They made it stress free and truly cared for what I wanted."

Suzanne Levis


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